What is the Value of Pink Diamonds?

The value of pink diamonds
Did you know that one of the rarest colors of all diamonds is pink? Overall, less than one percent of all diamonds are natural colored pink diamonds.

The value of pink diamonds goes far beyond just monetary value. These are diamonds of the most rare, alluring variety.

Tell Me More About the Value of Pink Diamonds

The value of pink diamonds requires taking a microscopic look into the pink diamonds themselves. Were you to do so, you would see tiny lines or needles within the diamond. Gemologists have observed that the deeper the pink color of the diamond, the greater number of microscopic lines exist within the diamond. These lines are known as “graining” and, like knots in a piece of wood, are evidence of structural deformity that add delightful color and character. To this day, no one is quite sure why these tiny needles of color form in the diamond.

Did Someone Say $46 Million?

Because pink diamonds are so rare and sought after, their value is often twenty times that of comparable white diamonds. The most expensive pink diamond (24.78 carats) sold at auction in 2010 for $46 million dollars. Even smaller pink diamonds, under two carats, are highly prized for their color, intensity, and rarity.

Ultimately, the Value of Pink Diamonds is Beyond Measure

All of this gorgeous mystery combines to create the magical allure of pink diamonds. No one can quite explain their unique features, or from whence they come. The value of pink diamonds is so immense, it is somewhat impossible to put a singular price tag on them. Nevertheless, many pink diamonds are worth into the millions (USD).

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